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Airband Network transfer June 2021 - You will probably be hearing from Airband this month as they supply more details of how they are going to look after the day-to-day running of our network. Check you inboxes and junk folders!










Lingen Community Broadband C.I.C., or LCB is a small (and still growing) internet service provider based in Lingen village, North West Herefordshire that supplies broadband services to the surrounding countryside - we are delighted to announce that we continue offer unlimited/uncapped 10MBps broadband to our subscribers for £25/month and we will continue our service to all those who rely on us.


No long contracts - our members pay monthly. Thats it. No 24 month tie in.


Run by Volunteers.. - our service is run by volunteers who care about delivering a fast reliable service to their friends and neighbours. 


....except for the technical bit - The system is however administered by professional network engineers with years of experience and expertise.