The speed we offer is easily fast enough to stream movies and services such as iplayer. We don’t cap our members usage either - everybody gets the same service at the same rate - our customers are our members. 


We are confident that our service is better and faster than BT or satellite for many of our subscribers, and we are certainly less frustrating to deal with. We also don’t bombard you with junk mail or confusing packages or introductory offers that are not for existing customers etc. All subscriptions stay within LCB to maintain and improve the system and constitutionally any left over funds are donated to our nominated charity - Lingen Village Hall.



Lingen Community Broadband is owned and run by local people and is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. We supply genuine broadband, at broadband speeds via a string of wireless transmitters to addresses in this part of the world where most people are too remote to be reached by conventional broadband technology.


Despite our rural location, we use cutting edge technology to overcome the numerous obstacles that the local landscape presents. With our SYSTEM UPGRADE we have the most modern equipment available, which is small but incredibly powerful allowing for fast broadband speeds - fast enough to stream HD Video, BBC iplayer etc even in thick fog or heavy rain.


We can and do supply broadband to Lingen and surrounding areas. Areas we supply broadband to include Lingen, Birtley, Byton, Combe, Kinsham, North Shobdon and Pembridge.