In December 2019 it was agreed to transfer running of the Lingen Community Broadband Network to AIRBAND. The meeting miniutes are below, and this is scheduled to take place from June 2021.







Lingen Community Broadband CIC 


Minutes of the Members' general meeting on 16th December 2019 at 7:00pm at Lingen Village Hall 


1 Present: Directors : Steve Saunders (Chairman), Joe Hedges, Trevor Joseph,  Judith Phillips, Ben Sheppard, Bruce Williamson and Secretary Theresa Jones.  


Members and others included:  Twenty in attendance. 


The Chairman Steve Saunders introduced the directors of LCB to the members and welcomed Redmond Peel, Managing Director of Airband Community Internet Limited. 


Steve Saunders thanked the members for their loyalty to Lingen Community Broadband (LCB) over the past ten years.  A Community Interest Company, ran by volunteers and the network funded by  members subscriptions.  The most recent upgrade is funded partly through the Fastershire Initiative but had met several obstacles along the way, before instructing Airband Ltd to complete it.  


It is now necessary to take the next step and transfer the network to Airband in order to take the network forward and to enable it to meet future demand. 


Redmond Peel explained that Airband and LCB had been in contact  over the years.  He said it was a testament to LCB that we had built a very substantial network of 100+ properties given the difficult terrain and all as a community project.  He explained that Airband are community focused and only supply networks to rural locations and only when welcomed in. 


Airband employ 120 staff and are based in Worcester, they started ten years ago and are a relatively small but very passionate about delivering the best technology in locations where the geography is testing. 


Their aim is to improve connectivity speed to homes, providing a consistent signal of at least 30mbps and where possible more, all across the network and at any time of day. This work will commence in the new year and take six weeks to fully complete. 


The LCB network equipment will remain the property of LCB. 




As part of LCB's agreement with Airband it has been agreed not to increase the price for three years.  A contract with Airband will be for twelve months but can be cancelled in the first 30 days. 


The second phase will be the roll out of fibre to the premises , and in 2020 they will start to migrate customers to fibre connections directly into their homes.  There will be no installation charge for this transition to fibre and it too will be charged at £25 per month, although there will be further options for those wanting higher speeds. 


It is anticipated that 80% of the LCB network will be reached by fibre leaving 20% on the existing wifi network in the medium term and the support for these 20% of properties will continue.  However it is envisaged that these too will be on fibre at some stage as funding and resources allow. 


Airband are licensed to use Openreach infrastructure and work with BDUK and Fastershire . 


The meeting was opened for a question and answer session. 


The resolution,  

That, Airband Community Internet Limited  take over the operational and  administrative side of the  Lingen Community Broadband CIC (LCB)  network, and for LCB to retain ownership of the network and the  Directors  remain in place to represent the member's interests.  

was passed in the room by 24 votes plus 12 proxy votes, 36 in total.  There was 1 abstention. 

Following the passing of the resolution it was agreed that the transfer of the LCB network to Airband Ltd should commence in  early 2020. 

After a vote of thanks to the LCB team by Geoff Bevan for all their efforts over the years, the meeting was closed at approximately 8pm.