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Fed up with sub-broadband speeds, or usage limitations? Our local and not-for-profit broadband service could help. We also have ambitious plans to further improve and expand our service - contact us for more details and see if we can reach you.

Areas currently covered include Lingen, Birtley, Byton, Combe, Kinsham, North Shobdon and Pembridge

NEW - Simplified Structure - faster service, but same fixed price!!!!

5MBps now upto^ 10MBps is still £25 per month plus one off receiver installation fee of £150*.

NOTE - Lingen Community Broadband is a not for profit organisation owned by local people and run by local volunteers for local people. All subscriptions cover running costs or are re-invested in the system. Compare this price with a a limited Satellite service or a slower (or non-existent) BT service and you can see it represents good value. You will also be supporting a non-profit making company.

^We aim to deliver a maximum speed of 10mbps, but at peak times when lots of people are using the network this can be reduced.

  1. *£150 fee assumes “standard” installation :

Basically the cost of connection depends on the difficulty of fitting your customer unit. We have three tiers of fees set out below.

Level 1   the fitting can be done in an hour and uses up to 15m of cable- £150

Level 2   the fitting takes 1.5 hours and uses up to 30m of cable- £175

Level 3   the fitting takes 2 hours and uses up to 45m of cable - £200.

This scale is a fair representation of the real cost to provide this service.

The connection fee covers the cost of the customer unit which will be your property and fixing it and the internal box to provide your connection to the internet.

You may need a router to use the signal within your property and we would advise you that you will require a LAN router (not an ADSL router).  A router also offers an extra layer of protection as most have an inbuilt ‘firewall’ to guard your computer from unwanted access.

To enquire about joining -

If you are in Shobdon there is a dedicated Shobdon co-ordinator :

All other areas :


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