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Lingen Community Broadband CIC 




Joe Hedges

Trevor Joseph 

Judith Phillips 

Steve Sanders (Chairman) 

Ben Sheppard 

Lee Wheeler 

Bruce Williamson 


Treasurer / Company Secretary 

Theresa Jones 




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Registered Office: Village Hall, Lingen, SY7 0EE 


Contact Theresa Jones


Company, Conditions or Complaints 

For issues relating to the company, terms and conditions or formal complaints please contact Theresa Jones.




Your Company 


Lingen Community Broadband is a community-owned and community-run business providing wireless internet broadband to villages and farms in rural north-west Herefordshire.  


The service is run by a Community Interest Company. This is a special kind of limited company which is designed to provide community benefits. Any surplus we make will ultimately be transferred to Lingen Village Hall (Registered charity no. 219377). This transfer is fixed by law and is called an “asset lock.” The company must make an annual report to the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies which explains how we have worked with, and benefited, the community. 

Lingen Community Broadband is also a company limited by guarantee, which means we have members instead of shareholders. Members own the company and  have wide rights under the Articles of Association, but day-to-day decisions are taken by a board of directors-all volunteers. 

 The company must make an annual report and present proper financial statements to members and to Companies House. You can find a copy of the Articles of Association at 


Like any limited company we are forbidden to trade whilst insolvent – which means we have to run the company in a business-like and responsible way. 


We are proud to provide free public internet connections to both Lingen and Kinsham Village halls.



Troubleshooting: Testing Your Broadband Connection 


With new equipment and a new service provider your internet connection should be much more reliable. Rebooting of your equipment should rarely be necessary.If however the signal is non-existent or intermittent, try these steps: 

1 Are the cables loose?  Check them, the cables to your power brick should look like the picture opposite, and be firmly plugged in. 


2 You can access the web interface of your  customer unit (Ubiquiti Customer Premises Equipment  [CPE]) to check your connection. 

Make yourself familiar with this web page and it will make diagnosis easier if things go wrong.  To access the web page open your browser and type in the following IP address: You should get a grey screen message asking you to enter your username and password. You do not need to enter anything. If you can see this screen it means that your computer is connected to your CPE. The problem is outside your house and is LCB’s responsibility – please ring your co-ordinator. 


3 If you are unable to open the web page then this indicates a problem between your computer and the CPE outside your house. 

Check that the power brick is connected to the mains, that the mains lead is connected firmly to the brick and that the indicator light is glowing. Check that the cable to the CPE outside is properly clicked into the POE port on the power brick and that the LAN cable is clicked in to the LAN port. Check that this cable is connected to your equipment and that there is no damage to the lead or the connectors. 

Picture shown on right. 


4 Having done this retest your connection.  


5 If you still have no connection and you are connected via your own wireless router, then connect your computer directly to the power brick port. 

Retest. If you continue to have no connection then please advise your LCB co-ordinator.  Please leave the unit SWITCHED ON so our engineer can remotely access it if required.


6 Please make sure that LCB has your correct telephone number and e mail address; without these we may not be able to return your call. 



Diagram of home set up: