A new grant has been approved to further improve the service. Below is text of letter sent to all subscribers November 2017


High Speed Fibre Connection into your Network - Coming 2019

We are pleased to inform you that an application for a Marches Business Broadband Grant submitted by Lingen Community Broadband CIC to The Marches & Gloucestershire Broadband Scheme, perhaps better known as “Fastershire” has been approved and will facilitate the lease of a High Speed Fibre Optic Broadband Line linked directly into our Network.

This will provide a more stable service free from external contention with bandwidth comparable and likely to be in excess of anything currently available in the locality whilst still insuring its affordability along with the capacity to meet increasing demands as required.

The contract for this installation is currently out to tender with the council’s approved suppliers. We are in dialogue with and have met with a number of the interest parties who have until the 29th November to submit their quotations pending the necessary surveys.

We will then be in a better position to inform you of when this vastly improved service will become operational and will contact you again early in the New Year with a firm date for its implementation.

Rest assured that the directors of your Community Broadband Company remain committed to improve its service for the existing membership as well continuing to find solutions for those in our locality for who there are still no plans to provide a viable internet connection. It is to this end that this new relationship with the Fastershire Project has been formed.

In the meantime we thank you for your continuing support without which this further step forward in your own internet provision would not be possible


Below details progress made on the plan to upgrade our service to a reliable 5MBps for all

Minutes of Meeting - 27/06/2013

Lingen Community Broadband CIC

Minutes of the general meeting held on Thursday 27th June 2013 at 7 30pm at Lingen Village Hall

Present: Steve Sanders ( Chairman), Trevor Joseph,Brian Lewis, Judith Phillips, Ben Sheppard, Lee Wheeler, Bruce Williamson (Directors )Phil Barnett, Sarah Butler, David Driver, Theresa Jones, Robert Nisbet, David Rowlands, Kenneth Stowe, David Thame, and John Walker

Apologies were received from: Adrienne Boxhall, Tim Bunch and Jonathan Lyness

The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.

He stated that the purpose of the meeting was to report on the progress in the implementation of the development plan.

Stability of the system: The installation of mains electricity at Mountain Building will be completed in August. Cadwell was finished last year.

Reliability of the Broadband signal: We have just signed a contract to receive a wireless signal which is uncontended and is able to provide up to 5Mb/s to each connection. This service will start later in July.

Upgrading the Network: The new system needs a reconfiguration of the network: the signal will be received at Cadwell and distributed from there. A new network map is at the end of the minutes. The equipment needed at Cadwell to receive the signal has been installed. When we replace the BT service we shall no longer need Paytoe Lane. This is a saving in the longer term. However to take the signal from Mountain Building to Bramble Ridge we need a new relay at Deerfold Cottage. There is a new relay station at the Methodist Chapel in Lingen to enhance the signal to the village. There is a new link to Kinsham and hopefully later to Byton. Later the site at Belgate will be changed to overcome the interference caused by the trees.

Upgrading the individual connections:  In order to benefit from the new system a new consumer unit needs to be fitted  on each property.

Cost: The total cost of the project is equivalent to £450 per connection but because of the availability of grants, each user will be required to pay only £150 per connection. A letter will be sent to each user following the meeting.

The Chairman thanked all Members and colleagues for their help and support in helping to create the new LCB service.

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