The resolution,

That, Airband Community Internet Limited take over the operational and administrative side of the Lingen Community Broadband CIC (LCB) network, and for LCB to retain ownership of the network and the Directors remain in place to represent the member's interests.

was passed in the room by 24 votes plus 12 proxy votes, 36 in total. There was 1 abstention.

See Meeting Minutes tab for more details

General Meeting - We invite you to attend a general meeting at Lingen Village hall to present a proposal that will improve the network. Subject to members approval we will then seek your endorsement to transfer the provision of broadband delivery to Airband. Under this agreement, LCB tariffs will be fixed for three years and any installation charges waived. All members are entitled to vote, and those not able to attend may appoint a proxy. If you require a proxy form then please email

January Maintenance - We will be undertaking scheduled maintenance on the network tomorrow morning, Thursday 10th January.You will notice breaks in your internet service between 0830 and 1130 whilst hardware is replaced and upgraded.

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience

Faster Service coming soon....A grant has now been approved with the aim of leasing an un-contended fibre connection into the network. This will improve both speed and reliability to at least domestic fibre levels. See network upgrade tab for more details...[here]

Routine Maintenance -  our supplier is carrying out some routine maintenance today (27/07/2017) at 4pm. This will result in the network being unavailable for a short time. Please note this will mean that IP addresses will be changed and so could affect any subscribers who use Vodafone sure signal even after the network is rebooted, and that equipment may need resetting - see post below.

Routine Maintenance -  our engineer will be conducting some essential but routine maintenance on our masts on 5/6/7 July . During this time there may be a few short periods of time when the service will be unavailable. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Evening Slowdown - Resolved  our engineer in conjunction with our supplier has switched us to a different IP address - this should have alleviated the problem. We will continue to monitor closely though and will look at further increasing bandwidth if necessary.

Evening Slowdown -  we are aware that the speeds in the evening are dropping off dramatically at the moment. We believe that this is due to a problem with the feed coming into our network and are working with our supplier to get this fixed as soon as possible. Please bear with us

Vodafone Sure SIgnal -  due to a system upgrade, and a resulting IP address change, you may find that your Vodafone Sure Signal is not working correctly. You will need to access your account and change or possibly re-input the settings there in order to reactivate it.

There is a Vodafone forum trouble shooting Sure Signal HERE

System Maintenance our broadband wholesale supplier is carrying out maintenance on 16/17 March - there may be frequent breaks in the service on these days. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Storm Doris did affect our incoming signal on Thursday 23rd, however normal service was resumed in the early hours of Friday - please contact us if you are still experiencing any problems.

New monitoring equipment will soon be installed at our Cadwell transmitter. This will enable more remote control of our network to optimize speed for our subscribers.

Signal drop-outs - *Solved* we are aware that some customers are experiencing repeated brief (1 or 2 second) signal losses. We understand this is to do with our supplier who is working hard to rectify the problem. *Solved* This has now been resolved by our supplier.

Loss of symmetry - until now our broadband service has been symmetrical - which means that upload and download was given equal weighting. We now have the ability to make it asymmetrical, and give a higher proportion of the bandwidth to download, which will be a further improvement for most of our members.

Scheduled Maintenance - there will be scheduled essential maintenance between 2pm and 4pm on 2nd Feb and 3rd Feb - this may result in a few brief (2-3 mins) losses of signal. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Winter reminder - thankfully most of our network is no longer reliant on solar panels and tractor batteries so we don’t foresee any major problems this winter, however please bear in mind that with a wireless system fog and falling snow can hamper the system and bring speeds right down.

One hundred up and running - we are now suppling fast broadband to over 100 addresses..... and counting

Double the speed - we now offer speeds of up to 10mbps - double our previous level of 5mbps, but at the same price as before.

Agrii Rural Community Champions 2015 awards ** Update** - We didn’t manage to win, but thank you to everyone that voted for us, and we are immensely proud to be a runner up. Congratulations to the Border Search and Rescue team - very worthy winners.

We still won a £500 prize though, which will be reinvested back into the network. Click Here for more details on the competition.

Agrii Rural Community Champions 2015 awards - These awards aim recognise people who make real difference in the rural community and LCB are delighted that we have been selected as regional winners, with a chance to be crowned National winners. Please see: for more details.

Also coverage in Hereford Times here with a nice photo of Trevor, Judith, Steve, Lee and Bruce at our Cadwell transmitter.

Next wave of customers are due to be fitted on 20th May. Please continue to show your support for our community/not for profit broadband and spread the word.

Signal dropping out  Subscribers who receive their signal from our Cadwell transmitter (and also therefore from the Methodist Chapel and Mountain Building) have been experiencing repeated temporary drop outs of the system again. This has been pinpointed to the signal coming in from Clee Hill from our supplier and has now been fixed.

We are now expanding in Shobdon offering a great alternative for Shobdon residents. At the moment this service is limited to those who have ‘line of sight’ to one of our access points however register your interest here and we will let you know if you can be linked in to our network.

Signal Down Time - 21/02/2015 The router that stabilizes the signal at Cadwell unfortunately gave up on Saturday morning. This was replaced, despite some pretty terrible conditions on Sunday with a new one, however until this has been configured by an engineer on-site there will be reduced speeds available as only one feed is actually coming into the network.

Problems at Cadwell  Subscribers who receive their signal from our Cadwell transmitter (and also therefore from the Methodist Chapel and Mountain Building) have been experiencing repeated temporary drop outs of the system. Our engineer has been in consultation with our supplier and have been working hard to pinpoint the problem. Amendments to the frequencies used amongst other things seems to have improved the situation a great deal, but please bear with us

Happy Christmas -  Amongst your Christmas mail members will have received a news letter including a copy of the annual accounts and a members handbook which has a useful trouble-shooting guide should you encounter any broadband service issues. We would urge all subscribers to make themselves familiar with this useful information.

Belgate Power We are pleased to announce that Belgate transmitter is now on ‘mains’ power. This is significant as it is now a key transmitter in the chain and with winter well and truly upon us relying on Solar power and batteries is not ideal. Thanks again to everyone involved in getting this done.

System up and down Oct 7th onwards - Resolved Due to a problem the mains power at our Cadwell transmitter kept tripping. This had to be manually reset each time, which was tedious for all involved. Anyway, key electrics and components have been replaced at Cadwell early this Saturday (10th) morning - thank you Lee, Brian, Rob and of course Trevor for all your hard work - and so system now functioning as normal.

Intermittent problems for Belgate connected subscribers - Resolved - Our Belgate transmitter is currently powered by a bank of batteries, however a faulty battery has caused power losses at this site.  This has now hopefully be resolved, and the situation is being monitored but hopefully power will be sustained until mains power can be brought to this mast.

Speed Restored - Problem traced to the feed coming into the our network. Our supplier rectified the problem on Friday.

Broadband speed....or lack of - We are aware of something slowing down the whole network. This is under investigation and we are working hard to restore the speedy service.

System Outage 10/09/14 - Due to a brief powercut at approx 09:30am the fusebox at our Cadwell Transmitter was tripped. This was reset as soon as possible, so apologies for the break in service.

More than 20% growth in subscribers over the last 12months. Since the system upgrade we have grown by more than 24% in terms of subscribers as word gets around. There are also a few more scheduled to come online in the next couple of weeks. Please continue to spread the word that this faster, uncapped alternative to BT and Satellite exists and that it is a community run project. With no shareholders to pay ALL money is reinvested into the system.

Recent system occasional slowness - Over the last couple of weeks some subscribers have noticed a sharp dropping off of the speed of service at certain times. Whilst I have been blaming the World Cup, it seems that there has been a small issue with a piece of hardware that regulates the two feeds. A workaround is now in place which (from monitoring over the last 48 hours  at least) shows a huge improvement and normal service resumed. A more permanent fix will be made in due-course [June/July 2014]

System capacity to be doubled - in the next few weeks a second broadband feed will be coming into our network. This will literally double the capacity of the system at a stroke as well as bringing mains electricity to another transmitter - this time to the one at our Belgate site. This will make the overall system more robust, as well as able to serve more customers. We hope to connect another two customers this week, with more in the pipeline.

Your Community Broadband needs You! After months of planning and work we are nearly there with our upgraded system - a few tweaks still required and our Engineer is working remotely to optomise the system, but from the feedback we have been receiving most people are receiving an excellent service - propelling them into the 21st century to paraphrase one subscriber. What we need now is more subscribers - tell your neighbours and friends (if they live in Lingen, Birtley, Byton, Kinsham, Shobdon  and surroundings that is). The system we now have is scalable, so we can accommodate more subscribers and the more subscribers we have the more subscriptions we have and the more we can invest back into LCB - remember this is a not-for-profit community interest company, so money is always reinvested back into the system [Nov 2013].

Electricity at Mountain Building - at last! After months of waiting, the transmitter at Mountain Building is finally connected to mains electricity. Over the last few winters this has been a serious weak link in the chain as shorter, gloomier days drained the batteries which meant a difficult and sometimes hairy trek up the hill for someone to change over six tractor batteries. Thankfully these days are gone. With a permanent power source the transmitters will be upgraded and the last few mountain building subscribers can have their receivers upgraded.

Hello Byton - After 3 days of inclement weather, the Byton Access point is now up and running!! What does that mean? It means that anyone living in Byton who is not benefitting from a fast broadband service from other suppliers should get in touch - we may be able to supply fast (5MBPs) broadband for £25/Month (plus set up fee) that will allow them to watch TV,download films, make phone calls, work, shop and all those things that Broadband is supposed to deliver but in these rural corners rarely does. If you live in Byton or know someone who does who may benefit get them to get in touch.  [4 Oct] ENQUIRE HERE

Upgrade Progress. 1st-3rd October saw another wave of customers switched onto the sleek new, cutting-edge receivers as well as some expansion work at Byton (see above). There is potential for some more service disruption on 17th/18th October as Mountain Building and Bramble Ridge Transmitters are finally switched over to the new system. Mountain Building will be on Mains power then also, which will benefit Belgate Subscribers who will inherit an extra set of batteries and more powerful Solar Panels [4 Oct]

Lingen Chapel Connected Subscribers - recent outage. At about 4pm yesterday (18/09) any Chapel Connected subscribers lost their broadband. To reassure you that this was not a technical glitch with the new equipment, merely an environmentally conscious user of the the Methodist Chapel switching off all the sockets in the building - including the one powering the transmitter. Once this was identified as the problem and a keyholder was found, connection was restored by around 2pm today.

Mountain Building and Bramble Ridge Connected Subscribers - The latest news is that the engineer will be in Lingen 1st Oct-3rd Oct - if Mountain building has been connected to Mains electricity then, then the upgrade will proceed....

Mountain Building and Bramble Ridge Connected Subscribers thank you for your patience, your upgrades are coming soon. Subscribers are being upgraded in waves as each transmitter is upgraded and reconfigured. Mountain Building connected subscribers your equipment upgrade has been slightly held back as we need to wait until the mains electricity is connected to Mountain building before we can upgrade the transmitter on that site. Once that is done, the subscribers receivers will be upgraded to the new ones. This should be in the next few weeks - please bear with us. When a firm date is known it will be published here.

Progress - The ground work has now been done for the electrification of Mountain Building, we are now waiting on an installation date to be advised. Once this is done subscribers linked directly to Mountain Building can more effectively have their customer units upgraded - those affected will be contacted individually when the time comes. Once this is done it will mean that  a significant proportion of "Phase One" of the project will be completed, which is fantastic.

Efforts have not gone unnoticed, and new customer enquiries are coming in already which is great news for the long term sustainability of LCB. [19Aug13]

New feed up and running - An uncontended Broadband connection is now linking LCB with the outside world via a transmitter on Cleehill which feeds direct into Cadwell and is distributed from there. Most subscribers are now linked to the new feed and benefitting from this more powerful source, however further tweaks are required over the coming days and weeks to optomize the broadband experience for everyone - not least fitting the new sleek, powerful, modern faster units to every home. More news to follow... [28Jul13]

New Feed going live - 22nd July - Possible disruption 20/21/22/23 July

Changes are coming thick and fast - the new feed into our service should be going live on Monday. Whilst the engineers will do their best to keep disruption to a minimum there will be short and intermittent interruptions over the weekend and particularly on Monday Afternoon whilst all the necessary changes are done. Please bear with us.[19Jul13]

New Receivers

Lots of subscribers have already reserved their upgraded equipment and will soon be benefitting from increased speeds, as well as being the proud owner of a more modern, powerful, discrete, and reliable unit for their homes. These will be fitted in waves over the coming weeks. If you haven’t contacted us yet, don’t panic, but please do so soon (contact us that is - not panic). [17JUL13]

Minutes of meeting and update.

Please see Network Upgrade tab for minutes of the meeting. You will shortly receive a letter asking you to opt in to the new improved service. To access this service it is necessary to have a new receiver - we are asking that each member contribute just £150 (the actual cost of upgrading each subscriber is £450!). This amount which will cover the cost of a brand new, very discreet unit and its fitting represents great value for a reliable, fast service and by doing this we can keep the subscriptions at their current levels. [04/07/2013]

Special General Meeting update 27th June

Thank you to those who made the effort to come along. All members will receive a letter detailing what was discussed and what they need to do to be part of this upgrade to a reliable 5MBps + broadband service for all. A summary will appear on this website in the near future. Please could all members submit a current email address to  as soon as possible to make all future communication simpler, faster and more efficient.[28/06/2013]

Upgrade progress.

As the upgrade work continues at a pace there is now a new page on this website solely dedicated to the upgrade progress which will give details. A headline will appear here to alert you to any new info on that page along with notification of planned maintenance which may briefly affect your service.

Special General Meeting - 27th June 7.30pm Lingen Village Hall

There will be a general meeting for Members and Users of LCB at Lingen Village Hall on Thursday evening. This is to bring you all up to date on progress of Phase 1 (stabilising system and getting a faster and more reliable feed) and cost and funding for Phase 2. You should have received a letter - if not please email [15June2013]

Funding found for first phase of Upgrade!

Funding has been secured from the Village Hall committees of both Lingen and Kinshim. This injection of cash has meant that we will proceed with Phase 1 of the upgrade - ie obtain a faster (5mbps) and uncontended brodband feed and have mains power supplied to Mountain Building.
Additional funding is still being sought for much of Phase 2, which is all about expansion of the system, but this is a fantastic start and a real boost to the planned upgrade and the sustainable future of Lingen Community Broadband.
Further updates will be given when more details are available. [June 2013]

Mountain Building getting mains electricity.

Over the last couple of winters, the greatest challenge faced has been keeping the lynchpin transmitter at ‘Mountain Building’ powered. The system relies on 6 tractor batteries which are kept charged by a solar panel. Unfortunately power drains faster in cold weather and with shorter, more overcast days it is inevitable that the batteries run down completely. Several inches of snow on a solar panel also doesn’t help.

At last we have been able to finance installing mains power at Mountain building which will mean a continuous and reliable supply of electricity even in darkest winter, and less hairy trips to a windy hillside for our engineer. This should be up and running in the next few weeks .... watch this space [April 2013].